Image as title page, backmatter

My cover designer not only made a beautiful cover for me, but also a title page as a png image that uses the same layout and font as on the cover.

What’s the best way to integrate that graphic for both ebook and a print version instead of the standard title page?

Also, is there an easy and quick way to have several versions of the backmatter? I want to include a page with vendor specific links, so I basically want to export the same document several times, with just one page being different from one to the next (but I want to keep all those pages in case I need to fix something and export that version again later). Could I use ghost text for this?

You can simply delete the title page contents, and drag and drop the image into the page. Use the layouting settings by right-clicking on the image.

For ebook-specific settings, right-click on the image, select ‘Picture Size…’ and select the ‘E-book/HTML’ tab from the menu.


In case you export a mobi file: How does one remove page numbers from mobi TOC?

You could definitely use Ghost Text for this, and bring back the back matter page you want for each publication.

However, I can recommend having multiple copies of your book for different distribution options, as different platforms may require their own customization (e.g. mobi publication creates a Table of Contents automatically, so the Papyrus Author -generated one should be deleted). This way you can have different back matter for each project easily as well. :slight_smile:

You can simply copy and paste your project on your computer to create copies. If you’re not sure where the project is stored on your computer, you can always access it by navigating ‘File’, ‘Open Other’ and selecting ‘Show Folder with this Document’.

Here’s a video series on publishing with Papyrus Author–I’m sure there’s some useful tips for this exciting stage of your book’s journey: Publishing with Papyrus Author

I’d love to hear from you once you have formatted and created a publish-ready book - how it went, and what’s next for you! We have a topic created by @tkendle for Books completed, where you can post your finished book as well. :slight_smile: