Spell Check in other languages please

Could you please add some more laguages in spell check “Swedish”?
I find it odd that Scrivener has it but not Papyrus.

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At the moment adding Swedish is not on our roadmap of upcoming features, but I will add it to our wish list of features! :slight_smile:

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Too bad, guess i have to go with Scrivener then.
I can’t understand why you don’t imply an option in the software so that users can load up their own dictionary file and go from there?

There is an option to use other dictionaries than English. Go to Preferences > Spell Checking > Correction. There are buttons for »New Dictionary« to create a new dictionary, and »Add« to add an existing one.

After creating a new, empty dictionary, you could copy and paste a Swedish word list into a new Papyrus document and add all the words to the Swedish dictionary. However, I don’t know how to add all the word at once (there used to be an option for that but it seems to be gone).


Thank you, @glucose!

To expand on this:

If you have a Swedish dictionary file (a .txl file), you can add it to Papyrus Author’s list of dictionaries. This way the spellcheck will recognize the Swedish words, and offer correction options, if the word is found in the dictionary.

You can add a dictionary by following these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Spellcheck-icon on the bottom toolbar.
  2. Click ‘Add…’ in the ‘Additional Dictionaries’ menu, and select the dictionary file.
  3. Close the Preferences menu.

If you find that the dictionary does not recognize a Swedish word in your document, you can always add it to the dictionary by right-clicking on the word, and selecting ‘Add to [dictionary name].tlx. This way Papyrus Author adds the word to the dictionary, and it will be recognized in the future.

Note that Papyrus Author’s Style Analysis will be disabled in the non-English areas of the text, but the style analysis will be able to find word repetitions and too long sentences.

You can read more here: Foreign Languages and Hyphenation

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Thanks for the info. I will try this :slight_smile: