Poetry book

Operating System I’m using Windows 10 version and I want to know what is best to use template to use to write a poetry book?

Papyrus Author Version

Welcome to the Community :grinning:

We don’t currently have a template specifically for poetry.

You could use one of the existing templates which closely matches the publishing format you require (e.g. page size, print margins, font style, size, etc.). The formated elements of the document can be changed by amending the “Styles”. You can read about how to do this in the Line Spacing/Indent/Font thread.

Once you have created your desired format, you can create a new template for use in the future. The thread Copy a ‘Blank Project’ Starter with Pinboard Populated discusses creating your own templates.

The format of a template can also be applied retrospectively to any document, the thread Can I change the format and size of a project explains how to do this.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your poetry project :smiley:

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